Thai Vegan

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There are very few dedicate vegan restaurants anywhere in the region.

To say it’s rare is an understatement at least.

But this place is dedicated to being vegan. Every dish on the menu is vegan. It’s actually a bit confusing because it says shrimp, chicken, pork, and beef on the menu, but there actually isn’t any meat or dairy or eggs in any of the dishes.

Nope, not one bit.

It’s all soy versions of the meat.

I’m not crazy. Some people may claim you can’t tell the difference. They may not be wrong for themselves – after you’ve adjusted to something like the soy meat you may not be able to tell the difference.

What? It’s possible.

But if you’re used to meat – you can tell the difference.

However, the soy meat was pretty good.

We were both in the mood for Pad Thai – so we can’t review multiple dishes for you. And it was pretty good. If you know anything about Pad Thai you know it normally comes with eggs and uses a fish sauce to get the flavor right.

Subbing sesame oil for the fish sauce is alright, but it’s definitely not quite the same. So, I have to think that anything you eat here is going to be a new dish and not quite the same as Thai food anywhere else. If you’re ready for the difference – this place is really good and has a nice atmosphere with a reasonable cost.

I’m definitely going back!

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