Fitness Tourism? Or Trail Running Madness?


When planning to go to Santa Fe, you find wonderful articles describing this little quasi european city as one of the best places in the world for Trail Running. Running World – which should know about these things – named it as one of the top two in America…

At least some magazine said this, it may have been something other than RW.

To say I was excited is probably a bit of an understatement.

For days, I scoured the web for trail recommendations and good places to run.

I think this makes me what you might call a fitness tourist. Or a trail runner with limited – but very good – options near where he lives. I love the trails around Amarillo to a very surprising degree. When I travel, I can’t help but explore what trails are in the area I’m headed to.

Part of this is that trail running is so much faster than hiking. I grew up hiking trails when ever I could and exploring country around campsites and just soaking up the ethos of the outdoors. Trails are still a fundamental place of prayer in my life. Running a new trail in a new area – it’s praying in new air.

And I’m taken in by it.

So, when I got to Santa Fe, I had 4 days of runs planned out with plenty of room to adjust distances if I wore out. Not only that, I had located the three places to do lap swimming in the area and was ready for some good swimming work outs at some of the pools built at the highest altitudes in the United States – The highest one is in Los Alamos which I have plans to swim at this summer.

Of course all the research and the planning and the desire in the world can’t overcome a stomach bug. Only the first day and first run and first two pools made it into the mix. I was laid out for nearly an entire day on our second full day in Santa Fe and weak for the remaining two days.

It might amaze you to consider that all my food observations were made around a puny stomach… But that’s just how it goes. It is worth saying that my girls were a little sick over the weekend prior to this, and I honestly do not believe I picked up this bug in Santa Fe. It is also possible that I got altitude sickness.

Either way, as I share over the next two days some of my Santa Fe fitness fun, just know I’m eager to get back and try a few more trails.


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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