Two Out of Three… The Swimming Pools of Santa Fe


I can’t visit a city without checking out a few places to swim. What can I say, my first love in fitness is and always shall be swimming…. To quote Spock… or paraphrase.

There are three indoor lap pools in Santa Fe, and it was till a bit early for the out door ones. Actions of great pith an moment were sickled over with the pale cast of altitude sickness, so I only made it to two of them: the Genoveva Community Center and the Fort Marcy Recreation Complex.

This leaves out the Salvador Perez Swimming, but it seems in pictures to be similar to the pool at Fort Marcy.

Let’s start off with Genoveva. The image above is actually from the pool.


This isn’t just a pool though. It’s got ice skating and… many other things… a gym? A basketball court? Dance rooms? Maybe some place to do yoga? Ok, other than the Ice Skating Ring, I’m really just interested in the pool. Even the ring would have gone unnoticed if it hadn’t been so obvious on the way to the pool.

The pool is a proper pool 50 meters x 25 yards as all pools should be.

This is the true Olympic sized pool not just a paltry 25 yard x 25 meters or worse 25 yards x some distance smaller than 25 yards. Those are just competition pools for one season of the year.

They keep the water too hot. This unfortunately is the theme of the world who apparently cannot read the FINA and USMS competition guidelines. That’s not quite fair, this pool was between 81-83 degrees which is too warm to comfortably train and too cold for the noodle ladies they raised the temperature for in the first place. It’s a failure through compromise.

They switch the lanes from Short Course (25 yards) to Long Course (50 meters) over the course of the day, so the first swim in this pool was in the short course, the second swim later in the week we did long course. They did a properly good job with this pool.

It’s superb for training. There isn’t a lot of splash back off the walls, there’s plenty of equipment, and there’s a little ledge to stand on when your fixing your goggles or grabbing some new piece of equipment. The water quality is pretty good from what I can tell, and you can flip turn easily in deep enough water from every wall.

It also has some features that are nice for someone bringing their family. Like a pleasantly warm splash park for families –
And a nice hot tub for the divers in this world who really have a rough spot looking for a place to train.


That is all I have to say about the pool. I’ll be back tomorrow with something about the ice skating rink.

That leads us to Fort Marcy Sports Complex which I went too early in the morning while starting to be under the weather. So, my judgement may have been impaired a little, either that or I’m plain biased.


If you can’t tell, this is a small pool primarily occupied at this hour of the morning by friendly retirees. Which never makes a lot of sense to me, why are retirees getting up at the butt crack of dawn to work out? Maybe they were near retirees. Very nice though, and they seemed to agree with me about the temperature which is my usual beef with nice retirees who want bath water to work out in… for everyone.

There are 25 yards in this pool, but it was only a 6 lanes wide – they didn’t make it square or make one side meters. But at least it’s competition length. It was unfortunately hot – nearly 85, which did not feel good on a sick stomach.


Again, it was pretty good water quality, and unfortunately shallow making flip turns with decent push offs tricky but livable. Honestly, I enjoyed the character of this pool. I wish I had been able to make it more than a mile, but I could barely do a flip turn without feeling my stomach turn.

Between the two the Genoveva pool is by far the best spot to go for a work out, but in a pinch Fort Marcy – and I’m guessing the missed opportunity pool – is a good place to go. I will say, I hope they can get the temperatures down within the guidelines of FINA and USMS for training.


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