Clovis Aquatic Center


A few years ago, I was helping coach an Age Group swim team in Abilene, Tx, and we headed off to a competition in Lubbock. One of the best teams there was a team from Clovis, NM.

Now, I’m not from this area of Tx and Nm – so, I had no idea where Clovis was.

It would stay that way until I started driving to my in-laws from Amarillo through Clovis, and recently they relocated to the area. I took the earliest opportunity to try out the local facilities for swimmers. There swimmers are still top notch from what I have seen.

Their coach and the facility director seems like incredibly dedicated people, and the team definitely benefits from their passion and recruiting. They even managed to sell me another swimming book… Ok, I’m not that hard of a sell, but this book, which I will review in a few days, had images of stroke position that far exceed anything I have in my slowly expanding swimming section in my library.

How many books do you need to call it a library?

I digress… The pool was great if a little warm. It’s a meter pool which I found out under normal circumstances for me. First, this was my first time back in the water after months, and I was aching do some serious distance. The fatigue from the shingles was still way to much for me.

I still managed to do about a mile, and part of that was a sequence of 100s on 1:30. Now normally, I hold between 1:06 and 1:12 on these in a yard pool depending on where I’m at in a cycle… Ok, so I haven’t actually managed to hold to a micro cycle since I’ve been in the panhandle because I keep getting sick. But I know what a 1:06 feels like, and I pushed to this point and came up a 1:14.


So, I asked a guard if the pool was a yards pool or a meters pool (25s of either in this case). She quipped “yards”. I was more than a little deflated.

After a little while a really good swimmer got in the water next to me – turns out he trained in Clovis in high school and confirmed that it was a meters pool. The guard thought I was asking about a meet that the team had coming up and hadn’t had a chance to correct her statement earlier.

So, that was a bit of relief.

The 25 m pool is pretty nice, the shallow end is about a meter deep which is just too short for good push offs but not bad for practice. All in all, they’ve kept this pool in great condition for it’s age, and the team looks like it’s a group of strong competitors and hard workers. I’m looking forward to swimming here in the future.


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