Adrift… Continued Reflections on Shingles


The last thing I expected nearly two months ago when diagnosed with shingles was to still have it two months later. But here we are…

Sure, I read the reports that the pain and the fatigue can last for up to a year (please no!), but frankly I didn’t really believe them. As I’ve become stronger and my endurance to live ordinary life has improved I’ve grown increasingly excited.

But then I’ll go on a run or a swim – ok I did both, but I didn’t go far – just a mile each! – followed fairly immediately by some for of physiological crash. Intentionally going light didn’t even help.

The fatigue has been the worse part of the shingles, but today, even some of the nerve pain in my side came back.

All that said, I am definitely getting stronger! The fatigue didn’t hit until the day second day after the swim and run, it could have been something else. Either way, I feel I’m just starting to be able to get back into a routine that I like. Still a long way to go.

Until then I just feel a little adrift working towards several goals simultaneously.


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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