Oooh a Sequel! Ancillary Sword – Ann Leckie

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Imagine if you will that you fell in love with the style of a book, and you immediately snapped up the sequel to find that it was a very different sort of thing.

Of course that’s what happens.

There’s a long list of this happening in Sci-Fi, and it’s no real surprise that Sword is not Justice. Although I really think for reasons that will only be apparent if you read this book that it should be called ‘Ancillary Mercy’.

It takes off with Breq continuing on a reestablishment of justice across Raadch space. It also works in new details, new enemies, and new twists.

If you start off with the assumption that this should be the same sort of book you’ll be disappointed… For a chapter or two, but then the pace of this book will kick in. Then your off again figuring out just what Ann is up to this time.

I still like the first book better.

But this is second only to the first book in the new Sci-Fi that I’ve read this work.

It’s still the same Romanesque back ground, but now you find out more – now what was Roman becomes more British in elements with it’s own socio-political ideas again serving just as a back drop to the characters. A new lieutenant, a new planet, a new station, and some of the same old characters all going through the motions of a great story.


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