Seeker – Jack McDevitt… Reviewed


A search for a centuries lost group of folks trying to create a Utopia? The ship carrying them is considered a sort of archeological or salvage Holy Grail?

Ok, I’m in.

The main character in this one is also a Pilot protege/colleague of a salvage guru or archeologist just like in “Engines of God”. Look at that review by clicking on the McDevitt tag in this one.

Just like that book, this one had a weird vibe of the formula or the template build.

However, this one is just more fun. The Human race has advanced in what must have been a similar if not identical universe over several hundred years, and the explorations and intrigue are more robust in this setting. It felt like he was having fun doing an intergalactic search as he wrote this book.

The last one was darker, although this definitely had dark elements to it.

The pilot journeys across space to check out little hints and clues to what a family who died years ago in a tragic accident had discovered. They even return to a dilapidated and horrifically political and violent Earth at one point.

So this one is for again an intangible reason better than “Engines of God”. It definitely kept my interest all the way through.


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