Back to Raaga – The Not Vegan Review

IMG_3675 (1)

Of course I had to go back, it’s one of my favorite places.

I was up in Santa Fe for a meeting and the New Mexico Annual Conference ordination service. Why not grab some Raaga.

Last time I only got to try the vegan dishes, and I’m still wondering of one of the Aloo dishes really was vegan. Leaving that aside, I went for the meat this time.

Paddy was friendly as ever and this time the dishes were chicken curry and the lamb korma – both were absolutely fantastic. Actually trying the naan was nice as well, it was wonderful from the texture and fluffiness to the taste.

I branched out and got some jalapeno cream cheese naan.

Think of a really good cheddar pepper.

It was better.

A lot better.

And as good as it was, it wasn’t the best part of the meal. Both the korma and the curry were out of this world good, and with the pleasant weather eating outside made it even better.

Paddy also gave me some tips on making naan at home which I plan on trying soon.

Yeah, I’ll be going back. Asap. IMG_3672


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