Last Night… An Ordination Service for NWTX


First UMC Lubbock is a beautiful church.

It’s an incredible space to fill with organ music and choral voices. It’s long central isle makes for a great processional.

Last night, we had one person ordained and one person commissioned in our conference, and a good number of licensed local pastors blessed. It was a good service, but I have to admit that I was more than a little distracted.

You see, this would have been where I was ordained if things had not gone sideways in my first year of ministry. But things went very sideways… And instead of giving me a grace period to get work in, I only had the option of extending my time as a provisional.

There’s plenty of time to defer, there’s a pretty generous limit to finishing the provisional process.

That really doesn’t matter though.

Because last night, all I could think of was being a failure to overcome my situation.

Maybe not all I could think of… I was pretty excited for my friend getting ordained. We went to the same undergrad worked as RAs under the same RD, we went to the same seminary – graduated at the same time. We were commissioned at the same time, he’ll be a good pastor.

I wish he hadn’t been up there alone.


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