Jurassic World Review


Jurassic World was exactly what it should be.

It is it’s own little genre of movies, like Godzilla or King Kong. And in a way this movie is the best of the sequels precisely because it embraces that genre and runs with it. It doesn’t take itself too seriously.

But in the process it has done exactly what it says on the tin.

I want to emphasize that this is only a slight problem with the movie, not a deal breaker in my book.

To be clear, the problem is this: It has lost the awe and wonder that the first movie conveyed in spades.

The movie acknowledges this early on, the park is loosing attendance and needs some more fancy footwork. Ooh, let’s genetically engineer a dinosaur! Wait, all the dinosaurs are genetically engineered – but let’s make one extra scary and violent. T-rex and raptor and some fun other stuff on the side.

That puts a niggle in the whole experience. It just wasn’t as awe inducing as the first one which disappoints me.

Now if you go in looking for sophisticated science dialogue… ok sophisticated anything… you will find it sorely lacking. The movie makers have not kept up to date on paleontology. There’s nothing close to accuracy there. Everything is bigger or different than the real dinosaurs. Which makes this one of the least accurate dinosaur movies… Well there just aren’t a lot of dinosaur movies so it’s also one of the most accuracy.

But in the dialogue they point this out, those clever geneticists just fixed up the dinosaurs.

The cast willingly makes fun of the tense moments in disaster movies as a genre and willingly make fun of pretty much everything about this movie.

On the plus they even make fun of the name of their new dinosaur, the “Indomnius Rex”. If they had seriously proposed that name with out poking fun, it would almost have made the movie excruciatingly bad.

But if you could suspend disbelief and just sit back and enjoy the ride without expecting too much – it’s fun and in places clever.

And honestly, who doesn’t want to see humans teaming up with raptors to take down a super dinosaur? Because that just sounds like the type of ridiculously awesome scenario that anyone who loves dinosaurs has been dreaming of since ’93.

I know I’ve always wanted a pet raptor…


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