The Daily Office of the Trail


The daily office is a selection of scriptures for any given day.

There’s a great one in the Book of Common Prayer which I believe is a shared daily office for several denominations. There’s probably a few collections for different orders within the Catholic Church and different denominations. Generally, it takes two years to get through it if you are consistent.

This one was only for two weeks:


Old Testament Psalm Epistle Gospel


Genesis 15 1 Philippians 1 Matthew 4:1-11


Genesis 32:22-32 119:
Philippians 2 John 2:1-11


Exodus 3:1-12 51 Philippians 3 John 8:1-11


1st Samuel 24 23 Philippians 4 Mark 14:32-42


2 Kings 2:1-14 103 Romans 12 Luke 9:23-27

It still needs work, but I think the texts are good. I want to build it in sequence and work out a ordered reflection for each scripture in the field. It did not come together for this trip, and I will probably keep working on both the order and the reflections as I go into the future. Then I want to incorporate these more into the prayers.

They still need work, but I’m pleased with this particular section of the prayer book. I’m also thankful that I only planned for five days. I may still consider using the daily office in the BCP to stay within the tradition of the church.


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