The British History Podcast: My New Guilty Pleasure


I may be a bit of an Anglophile.

Ok, more than a bit.

From Doctor Who to Downton Abbey to the now defunct Top Gear, I love British Television. I read British authors and listen to British world news casts. I’m part of a denomination that has deep English Roots (most people in the USA are, but Methodism still crushes on John Wesley). I even occasionally use British slang, and next summer, my wife and I are planning on an epic tour of the island. To get ready, I always like to read up on the history, and I had already read ‘Notes from a Small Island’ by Bill Bryson. So, I wanted something new.

Then I encountered this – THE BRITISH HISTORY PODCAST.

My wife had just finished ‘Serial’ which had given me new hope to try Podcasts again. So, I downloaded it, and well the rest is… History.

Courtney even got me a membership for Father’s day!

The format is conversational, and Jamie has a great sense of humor. It may sound strange, but he’s not British. Well, he is. But he lives in Portland and grew up in the states so he doesn’t have an accent. A former lawyer turned historian, the depth of his research is really remarkable.

Perhaps cooler than anything, his show is banned in China… After listening to it for a while, I really have no idea why. But it’s cool. I’m not banned in China yet. Of course, I’m not nearly as popular or as well researched as the BHP.

I’m not sure if this is actually helping me plan for the tour, but it has been incredible to learn about the history of Britain. I just wish he would get to the Normans fasters… If you like history and have a commute or just need something to listen to in the car or on a run – check this podcast out!


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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2 Responses to The British History Podcast: My New Guilty Pleasure

  1. Al DeFilippo says:

    Hello, Sean. I’m also upset about the uncertainty of Top Gear. If you interest, I think you might, please visit the website for my book series on 18th Century, West-Midlands resident and preacher, Francis Asbury. The Asbury Triptych series opens with the book, Black Country, detailing the trials and tribulations of this young preacher, a sort of ‘fish out of water’ with his passion for wandering about. The website is Again, thank you for the post about the British History Podcast. I have experienced it in the past. One final note on Black Country, the book has a lot of British history infused into the story line.

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