Little Girl Adventures: Riding the Tricycle!

No pictures of this yet, but we had a very exciting thing happen in our household. J – our three year old – learned how to ride a tricycle!

This was harder than we thought it would be. Pedaling makes intuitive sense for us, and trying to explain it taxed the limits of our mutual vocabulary with our threenager. She would try to push both pedals at the same time to get them to work, and of course she ended up frustrated, impatient, and more than a little three. You’ve probably been there before.

This time round, I took her legs and moved them on the pedals to show her what it felt like. After several attempts it really sunk in and off she went.

For a couple feet…

Our drive way is a little gravelly in places.

But after a boost and a few more tries – she took over and kept going. Early this morning, she was out there riding like a champ! It’s great to see her smile from ear to ear as she goes around on her little tricycle.

Soon… Very soon… Maybe it will be time for a bicycle… Bicycle… Bicycle… Race!


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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