Belle and the Bear… The Improbable Travels of Two Toys


Belle and the Bear get ready to ford a mighty river… Small creek.

A week without my little girls is no easy thing for me, and as I packed and got ready for my little adventure into the Pecos Wilderness they gave me two little friends to carry along with them, Belle and the Bear.

Belle is from a megablock disney princess set…. Or something like that. Bear was actually a little toy from one of our favorite Mexican food places in Amarillo, Ruby Tequila’s.

Amazingly on airplane mode the charge on an iPhone 6 plus will last for five days, full days taking pictures. I took advantage of this and took picture after picture of our group, the scenery, and of Belle and the Bear’s adventure. The pictures were taken with story telling in mind, stories to captivate the imagination of my little girls.

Belle and the bear hiked up to Pecos Baldy Lake and sat next to each other just watching the wind play on the water. They soaked up the view of the mountain right in front of them.


The next day they decided to summit that peak! Up they went to this little sign marking the fairly unclear trail ahead. Luckily they found the path, but bear was peckish so they ate breakfast out here first in the company of some big horn sheep.


The view from the peak blew them away. The sheep came right up to their group as curious about the human interlopers as the pesky people were about them. It took a couple of tries, but I managed to get a good shot of Belle and the Bear watching one of the Big Horns getting up nice and close.

Even a baby bighorn came right up to us!


The view from East Pecos Baldy was pretty amazing in it’s own right. The sheep just made it that much cooler. This was the highest mountain I have ever climbed, and Belle and the Bear came along for the ride. From base camp at 9000 feet or so, it was a 3500 foot climb. They took this picture at just over 12,500 feet above sea level.

Not to bad for a plastic bear from Ruby’s and a megablock princess.

When I got home, I loaded up the photos and showed them to my little girls to oohs and ahs. Even better, on our trip to Bandolier, J decided to join in and take some pictures of Belle and the Bear herself.

Belle and the Bear… To be Continued!


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