Cycling is Fun! … and Scary…


Ok, I’m probably not the first person to discover this, but cycling is fun.

There’s something to screaming down the road under your own power at speeds normally reserved for cars. I hit 21 mph today, although I couldn’t hold it.

Importantly here, I do mean screaming.

Nothing is more fun than a war cry.

Of course, 21 mph is ridiculously slow. Ok, that may be biased by my experience in triathlons where I get out of the water first by 2-3 minutes only to get passed by ‘everyone’. And of course by ‘everyone’ I mean the elite cyclists from the panhandle.

Cycling is also scary. I passed a broken down car today that forced me out of the shoulder into the road on a blind hill. The cars coming over the hill would have very little time to react to my presence. While the time in the road was minimum, it was still scary…. and oddly smooth.

The shoulder’s out here are basically gravel someone ran over with a steamroller or something like that… I’ve heard the word ‘chip seal’ maybe that’s a thing. Regardless, it’s not something I want to fall down on. It is also something that does not lend it self to speed… For a newbie like me.

Heading out onto the road felt a little like entering into a heavenly world of smoothness. It was wonderful! If it weren’t for multi-ton tired projectiles firing down this smooth barrel, riding on the road would be ideal.

Still pretty fun for a few seconds.

My stretch out program to build endurance seems to be working. I just have to keep myself in check and take it easy. I just came across an article on over training relating to upper respiratory infection.


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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2 Responses to Cycling is Fun! … and Scary…

  1. monisha31 says:

    i miss living near the beach- used to cycle there almost everyday in the summer!

    • Sean Smith says:

      Sounds beautiful! Out here it’s not as flat as it feels in a car, and with the rain we’ve had, it’s green. I even get to ride by a few shallow playa lakes!

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