Wifey Swimming


The last time she swam was in this pool before yesterday.

Let’s put that in perspective. She hasn’t swam or done laps since we were in Santa Fe at the Genoveva Chavez Center sometime back in March.


I can’t even remember the dates. It was sometime just after her first trail run and before I got sick, our first full day in Santa Fe. Sometime around four months ago, she got in the water and did laps with me.

Before that, I have no idea, but I think it was back in Missouri some three life times and half a decade ago.

She doesn’t lap swim that often.

But I’m always glad when she does! She has this grin on her face like she’s laughing at herself, and every positive thing I highlight she laughs off because “I can’t possibly be good at swimming”.

And by all rights, she shouldn’t be.

But she has great stroke and decent speed. If she was swimming next to the triathletes or the fitness swimmers, she would be lapping the latter and keeping up with the former (except for a few very exceptional triathletes). Her form is by far more text book than most triathletes or fitness swimmers.

Sure, there are tweaks to be made, but they’re the sort of tweaks you make to competitive swimmers getting ready for a season.

Her only limiting factor is her lack of cardiovascular endurance, and even in this she’s enviable. For whatever reason she’s still able to cross the pool or even do a 50 or 100 yard swim at the drop of a hat and months or even years apart form the last time she swam.

And she’s never trained. Ever.

I just don’t get it. Maybe someday she’ll train up with me on some masters team, and we’ll go compete together. It’d be fun. Swimming with someone with that big of a smile on their face is always fun!

Did I mention that she’s really adorable in a swim cap and goggles? She is…


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