Sunset in the Pecos


When the sunsets, turning around can be a very good idea.

Camping up at a nice little lake next to East Pecos Baldy, we watched the sun set behind the mountain what felt like hours earlier. Conveniently, the lake was named Pecos Baldy Lake, but more amazingly the sky settled into a slow parade of colors and brilliant backlights for the trees and rocks just above our campsite.

It was just about dusk when we snapped these pictures looking nearly due East.

The view from the direction you weren’t supposed to be looking for a sunset ended up being the best place for a show.

It’s the sort of view people at weddings talk about when they look at the groom when the Bride comes in – to catch a wonderfully stupid grin on his face – instead of looking at the main part of the show. Sure you’ll say that’s from 27 Dresses, but I was told this by many people before that movie came out. Frankly, it is probably some sort of wisdom passed down for ages.

But for me, the halo around the mountain was beautiful, but the show in the opposite direction left me just as breathless… Although that may have been the altitude.


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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