Katie Ledecky!

While most of the world is gearing up for football season watching endless… endless… endless inane commentary on why different players or teams should do this or that, real athletes are competing across the world. While they weren’t televised to the extent that football speculation was the Pan America Games, the Tour de France, and now the Fina Aquatics Championships have happened.

I know I shouldn’t blast foot ball, and I know that they are athletes. But it irks me that ESPN thinks that their pre-pre-pre-pre-post season commentaries are more important than events that are actually occurring. Espn did cover the Tour on one of their other channels, and the Pan AM games were probably thrown in there somewhere.

All I can say is this, thank goodness for youtube enabling me and many other enthusiasts to watch great international competitions that people paying money cannot see. Can you make it live? Fina? USA Swimming? USMS? Seriously, the British swimming webpage lets you watch their nationals – which also happens over this same period of time.

Anyone tuning into the Pan America Games for swimming noticed the great talent we had representing us, and yet there was a decided lack of some of our more prominent swimmers. Why? Because the 2015 Fina World Championships were being held just a little bit later. Swimming events take their tole, and even world class athletes struggle to have events that close together.

As a result, we got to see some great swims from our less prominent swimmers at the Pan Am games, and now we will get to watch some great swims at our Nationals in San Antonio from other swimmers. It will be a year that will show case the swimming talent in this country.

However, I don’t think any swimmers at the moment (or ever) compare to Katie Ledecky. Watching her lap people in a 1500 m swim and beat her own record again is just incredible! I hope you enjoy.

Let’s see what she does in the finals!


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