Stronger Swimming at Tennis Center


What in the world am I talking about? What does Tennis have to do with swimming?

In Georgetown, Tx – where I grew up – there is a little pool next to the Tennis Center called, quite appropriately, the Tennis Center Pool. Early this week it has been the quietest and lowest key pool that we’ve found, and it was so relaxing we went several days in a row.

I’m pretty sure that repetition builds skills and comfort more than anything – especially in the water! When I taught lessons with the City of Georgetown they were in two week sessions of four days per week. It was a good set up, the first week was just getting know the kids and vise versa. The second week we got down to business (sometimes we would get a little work done the first week).

The regular exposure helped with building trust and confidence in the water. Being int he water day after day let the kids know how their bodies moved in the water and how the water expanded. The kids that got the most out of lessons were the kids that had regular exposure to the pool and had a good sense of how water responds to the human body.

Now, it has been my dream for months to take J to the pool five days out of seven. Actually, I’d prefer seven out of seven, but we have not managed to even get more than three. Most weeks, we only manage about two. As much as we’ve travelled this summer some weeks we’ve not gone at all or even managed one day.

It’s hardly the dream of a swimmer with kids, but J was still managing to swim 10-15 feet in the water by herself.

I’m pretty proud of her.

But she still lacked confidence to swim around for long periods. She gets anxious around a lot of people, and that keeps her reigned in when swimming or wading in crowds. This week I really wanted to get those 5 days in the pool, and the Tennis Center has been ideal. No crowds – we’ve even been by ourselves in the pool a few times, and J has taken to swimming like a duck.

Her kick mechanics have improved, she’s starting to understand the breast stroke (frog) kick and the dolphin (mermaid) kick. She’s swimming ever increasing distances. I’m hoping she gets the knack of breathing – after that I’m confident that she’ll be up to doing laps!

It’s all every exciting! Now if I could just figure out a way to do this every day!


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