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imgresSitting around with a bunch of clergy without an agenda is one of the most fun things you can have. Add just the slightest bit of philosophy, sociology, or anthropology, you’ll have a memorable free for all with references to every major theologian for the last… 2000 years.

However, mostly at meetings we have to discuss paper work.

Today was no exception, but we did have an afternoon dedicated to personality assessment. This particular one was called the Birkman, and it seems pretty good. Whatever algorithms and twisted machinations of german science it used, it described me to a tea.

Including explaining that I get bored without plenty of new stimuli and that paper work (clerical work) is pretty much the last thing I ever want to do. It might be why I dread meetings.

In general the Birkman appears to ask you multiple questions with layers of meaning being read from how you rank statements, jobs, and in general classify yourself and others. I’m sure other profiling methods work in a very similar manner because I have taken both the DISC and the Meyers-Briggs in the past. This is a little different in it’s focus on vocational (or work related) questions.

Now before you get to far in dogging this or any other assessment, big companies can pay up to $1000 a person to do a profile.

Knowing how you react to stress and how you operate normally (are you a dreamer, a talker, a doer, or a planner?) can aide in assigning tasks to any group. Heck, knowing these things can help you have compassion in your marriage, with your kids, or parents, or friends. It’s a pretty broad spectrum when you realize just how different modes of operation can cause tension and stress.

Now, I’ll be honest. I only learned a little from the Birkman. My nature is to be overly analytical and overly reflective. There are areas where I think it was inaccurate. For instance, I prefer to think in general rather than specific, but I am immensely detail oriented when I plan. There is no indication of this anywhere within my Birkman. It was absolutely right to say I prefer thinking and planning to just about anything else, but I do enjoy working to complete tasks, planning, and communicating.

It’s one of those things where no one quite fits in the pigeon hole, and in selecting between series of two options, I cannot help but choose the things that I desire the most. But the truth of the matter is that some of those ‘a’ or ‘b’ choices were very very close to one another.

All in all, I’m glad I took it. It was fascinating to see how some of the other clergy scored on sections. It is a profound tool to help people begin self reflection or to sharpen it.


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