Rotation – Is this how Triathletes do this?


How do triathletes train?

This flummoxes me when I think about it. Cross training and adding a little bit here and there is all I’ve done. Someday, I may consider getting an official coaching plan for a triathlon and seeing how that goes. That just hasn’t been in the cards for me because I am and always will be a Swimmer….

With a capital ‘S’.

However, with my recover taking so long from any one thing, I have to switch up what I am doing in the water and out of the water more than I ever have before. The biggest temptation, and one I’ll admit to yielding to more than a little, is to slam back to back work outs in the same day – cycling and swimming, running and swimming and so on.

It has to stop for now.

Which means, I may not swim 5 days a week like I usually try to do (try… and fail).

It means I may not get the yardage or the distance I want in any one thing, but perhaps it will allow my body time to recover in the individual disciplines. Right now, I’m at a loss to figure out how to manage the time off necessary to keep getting stronger/back in shape.

In truth, I will probably do two types of work outs in the same day a couple of times a week, but hopefully that doesn’t blow up on me.

In the water, rotating between endurance sets and high intensity sprint sets something like USRPT seems to be working. Outside of the water, I am picking up on my cycling but I’ve taken it really easy on my running. So far, rock climbing and conditioning haven’t happened in a few weeks.

At the moment, I’ll keep my goals amorphous. Something along the lines of: try rock climbing this week, Sean, or hey, how about gunning up for 100 fly to see if you can beat that 1:03 you posted last week. Fun, silly, and mostly short term goals are where I am at for right now.

I don’t want to add pressure from high expectations to the frustrations I already have. Taking things slowly, and doing the limited work I can do is all I get right now. Perhaps, it will yield some new strategies going forward and be more effective in the long run than just continuously thrashing myself.

Who knows, this really might be a better strategy for me overall.


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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