Denver Downtown Aquarium – Addictive for Kids


J – my 3 year old – has a new favorite place: The Denver Aquarium.

We went here sometime back in early July, so this is a bit old, and it was on a cold and rainy day on a cold rainy week. We needed something to do inside, and this was our choice.

One look at this photo, and you can tell why she liked it. They had a choreographed mermaid show… That pretty much closes the deal. It’s every 30 minutes during the day. On a rainy day like the one we were there, it’s incredibly crowded. But we still had a good view.

This picture was actually snapped later on by the petting pool (rays and crabs and such).

This was a pretty good aquarium all around, I’d compare it favorably with all the other aquariums I’ve seen. It even beat the Shed Aquarium and a couple of the North Carolina Aquariums. Now sure, the Shed has dolphins and seals and such – but they charge you extra to see them. And the over all experience at the Denver Aquarium was so much better.

It was designed with kid in mind which made it that much better. Watching J and L smile all the way through – totally worth it.


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