Taking a Hiatus, A Break, a long overdue b


After 627 published posts (this one will be 628), literally a post a day (or more) since December of 2013, I am taking a break. Perhaps permanently in pursuit of other writing goals. Perhaps temporarily. This has been coming for the last few months, I’ve wrestled with it on and off.

Did I achieve my goals…. In short no.

I never really started editing my work which was one of my primary goals in writing all this time. Researching for my writing never really caught on either. There were times where both editing and research did come into play, but for the most part? No.

In another sense, I did have a little success.

I wrote for myself every day for over a year and a half. I’m not sure of how many pages it has become if it were ever to be put into a book, but just maybe there are more pages of my writing here than were hammered out for assignments over four years of seminary. The same seminary that imparted to me what seemed like an unmovable anxiety surrounding writing.

And conquering that anxiety, in part if not in full, is a success.

As I sit listening to the last few scenes of “Return of the King” (some one left the Annie Lenox song out of the TNT version) this feels more like a farewell than a see you later, but who knows how long I can hold out? Who knows how long it will be before I put fingers to keys to produce something for this little pokey blog that tries to link too many subjects with out any organization what soever? Who knows?

Maybe it’ll even been tomorrow… For now into the west I go.


About Sean Smith

Husband, Father, Pastor, Swimmer, Writer, Reader, and attempted Adventurer!
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One Response to Taking a Hiatus, A Break, a long overdue b

  1. kanorp says:

    I completely understand, I will miss my day after day of reading something new and bold thinking! I will live another day.

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