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I’m a proud papa of two wonderful girls! Who could ask than having them and my wonderful wife as companions along the pilgrim way!

No Guarantees: Sleep and Toddlers

My darling girls do not always believe in sleep. Weirdly, I like reading on the spiritual disciplines, and recently, a reoccurring theme that I have noted is the importance of sleep. It’s essential as a base line from which to … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye – or at least See You Later

A family we have become friends with leaves today. It’s odd that I think of time when it comes to saying goodbyes. Time our families have spent together hiking, swimming, just playing board games. Time our daughters have spent playing … Continue reading

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  Going Shopping!

J was in my cart when she saw the little buggies. I had no idea they were even there. Grown up eyes just don’t see that sort of thing. But those little carts are extra cute. J pushed hers around … Continue reading

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Stronger Swimming at Tennis Center

What in the world am I talking about? What does Tennis have to do with swimming? In Georgetown, Tx – where I grew up – there is a little pool next to the Tennis Center called, quite appropriately, the Tennis … Continue reading

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My Hiking Princess

J hiked two miles into a canyon. This is one of my favorite things that happened while we were at Bandolier National Monument. Over the last few years, I have taken J on longer walks and hikes before. Once when she … Continue reading

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Annoying Pool Rules

This short rant brought to you by the Amarillo Town Club – a place to work out, and not the pool in the above picture. For whatever reason I don’t actually have a picture of the ATC pool. Normally, this … Continue reading

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Bandolier National Monument

Mesa Verde really steals Bandelier National Monument’s thunder. Mesa Verde has a little more wow factor and a little bit grander buildings, but there’s a lot to offer in this little canyon an hour outside of Santa Fe. We came … Continue reading

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