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Travel opens our minds to new places and new things. In a Christian sense it is a chance to encounter God in the new people and places, but only if we immerse ourselves and dive in. While I love the out doors, there is plenty to travel and experience in built up areas as well. This is for the pilgrim in all of us.

Sunset in the Pecos

When the sunsets, turning around can be a very good idea. Camping up at a nice little lake next to East Pecos Baldy, we watched the sun set behind the mountain what felt like hours earlier. Conveniently, the lake was … Continue reading

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My Hiking Princess

J┬áhiked two miles into a canyon. This is one of my favorite things that happened while we were at Bandolier National Monument. Over the last few years, I have taken J on longer walks and hikes before. Once when she … Continue reading

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Bandolier National Monument

Mesa Verde really steals Bandelier National Monument’s thunder. Mesa Verde has a little more wow factor and a little bit grander buildings, but there’s a lot to offer in this little canyon an hour outside of Santa Fe. We came … Continue reading

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Backpacking in Fivefingers

After two days, these shoes were dirty. To be fair they had spent the majority of time off trail…. Vibram took boat shoes a few years ago and made them into a phenomena. They fibbed a little on the science … Continue reading

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Belle and the Bear… The Improbable Travels of Two Toys

Belle and the Bear get ready to ford a mighty river… Small creek. A week without my little girls is no easy thing for me, and as I packed and got ready for my little adventure into the Pecos Wilderness … Continue reading

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The British History Podcast: My New Guilty Pleasure

I may be a bit of an Anglophile. Ok, more than a bit. From Doctor Who to Downton Abbey to the now defunct Top Gear, I love British Television. I read British authors and listen to British world news casts. … Continue reading

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Lost in the Pecos

There are few things more important on a back country trip than a good map. With a good map and a skilled reader, you truly do not even need a compass. With a bad map it makes no difference weather … Continue reading

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