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Running and Dancing!

And feeling finally free…. Ok, before I butcher the quote from Rapunzel – a movie I wish I had seen fewer times – and get involved with some type of problem with Disney, I want to say, J – my … Continue reading

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Running Through Balboa Park

Balboa Park got a little mention a couple days ago in my review of my running sandals, but the place deserves more space. It’s an amazingly beautiful and picturesque set of museums even if you don’t head over to the … Continue reading

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Luna Sandals Review: Part 2 – Offroading: Running in Balboa Park

Back to the run again. After my last foray into running with my sandals I have to say, I had no foot pain and while my legs were sore it a normal every day sort of sore after a five … Continue reading

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Barefoot Hiking – part 2

The drive out to the canyon takes about half an hour. Thankfully, I have a few friends who managed to get ready in half an hour meet up and start driving. The beautiful day was just too much to pass … Continue reading

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Barefoot Hiking

I blame Lucy and Susan Letcher, the barefoot sisters. I probably should blame Nathan James as well, a friend of mine who went barefoot for… well pretty much as long as I’ve known him. Regardless, last Friday, I took a … Continue reading

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