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3 Years Old!

J has been a patient little girl, she started anticipating her birthday two months ago! After L, her little sister’s birthday party, she’s really been looking forward to her party more than anything. She’s talked about it, “it will be … Continue reading

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Getting thing Ready for a Birthday Party

My eldest daughter turned 3 last Sunday, and now we are getting ready for her party tomorrow! She’s really excited about it. It’s going to be her “Princess Tea Party”. In the mean time it’s all about getting everything cleaned … Continue reading

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A Blessing for my First Born on her Third Birthday!

My daughter turns three today. It’s really hard for me to believe that she has survived three years of my parenting. Courtney is truly a saint. Only yesterday, I read Augustine to her late at night to help her sleep … Continue reading

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One Year Old Party Time

Our little girl turned one the other day, but we didn’t get to have the party until today. It was a small get together for some of our friends with similar age kids, and it was a blast. L couldn’t … Continue reading

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Littlest One, Turning One!

A year ago, I had just recovered from having the flu and bronchitis and was in hasty preparations with some incredible people to merge a church with a contemporary worship service at another church. On top of that, I had … Continue reading

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Why We Should Read More Wendell Berry

August 5th marked the 80th Birthday of the writer and thinker Wendell Berry. In my own journey, I’ve only read snippets and essays and a little fiction by him, but manny of the people that converse on agriculture and community … Continue reading

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