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Conditioning: Things to Avoid

Every task in life offers things we can do to compliment or build strength. In other words, I am a swimmer, but there are plenty of ways to cross train and condition for improvement. Several club teams with limited water … Continue reading

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Rotation – Is this how Triathletes do this?

How do triathletes train? This flummoxes me when I think about it. Cross training and adding a little bit here and there is all I’ve done. Someday, I may consider getting an official coaching plan for a triathlon and seeing … Continue reading

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Training For?

Goals…. Hmmm… I have not really set any goals for anything since I’ve got the shingles. This is a bit weird for me. It’s far from my normal. While some competitions dance in front of my eyes – the Tri … Continue reading

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Motivation and Four Types of Fatigue

Someone asked me a question about motivation today, and frankly, I have a unique experience with motivation and loosing all motivation only to carry on in some sort of empty way. The daily work of acquiring and spending motivation is … Continue reading

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Stronger Swimming at Tennis Center

What in the world am I talking about? What does Tennis have to do with swimming? In Georgetown, Tx – where I grew up – there is a little pool next to the Tennis Center called, quite appropriately, the Tennis … Continue reading

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5th World Record in the 1500 m Free

Katie Ledecky did it again, broke her record for the 1500 m Freestyle. Honestly, I think she is the most impressive swimmer right now in the world. Think about it this way, she’s in a group of people that are … Continue reading

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Katie Ledecky!

While most of the world is gearing up for football season watching endless… endless… endless inane commentary on why different players or teams should do this or that, real athletes are competing across the world. While they weren’t televised to … Continue reading

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